Putting It All Together

Throughout this session, we have discussed a variety of topics:

  • Selecting and organizing your Journal
  • Types of Journal work experiences
  • Developing Inner Dialog
  • Using Dreamwork and other techniques for practice and “breaking through” mental blocks.

This section was developed to give you a real, practical example of how to use your Journal to develop and cultivate Inner Dialog, using dreamwork as the starting point. While you can start anywhere and at any time, dreams have a particular capacity to tap inner resources already ripe for work.

As examples, I have drawn from my personal Journal a very powerful and long-term Journal project. I hinted at this in the Dreamwork section, and I hope you did not take the opportunity to jump ahead!

What I find extremely interesting about Journal work and working with Inner Dialog is the way in which I encounter the unexpected. No matter how well I believe I understand the issue, topic or concept, I am constantly surprised by the responses I receive.

This surely would not be true if I were simply “making this all up” or deluding myself.

This section illustrates this pretty well. As you read through the information presented, try to find the key elements and develop your own interpretation. Perhaps you will come to the “correct” conclusion ... or perhaps you also will be surprised in the end!

These pages are wordy and very long by necessity. However, I trust you will find your time worthwhile.

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