Your Journal is a Record of Your Life.

Most people think of Journals as ‘diaries,’ and in a way they are. You will record important experiences in your Journal, because they affect you. You will want to explore, not only your thoughts and feelings, but your experiences.

But a Journal is not a diary only. Entries you make regarding your day, events you experienced and their effects on you are only springboards to a more fulfilling activity. You will delve beyond the experiences, events and emotions to discover what more essential teachings life holds for you.

Picture: Journal 1976How?

Over a very short period of time, working with your Journal and using some of these techniques, you will find ways to use your daily experiences as tools. With these tools, you will learn more about yourself, about living and life, and about others. You will gain important insights into the critical questions you will pose.

By combining your experiences, your dreams and other valuable tools for self-exploration, you will see your Journal become a living repository of wisdom.

When you look back at your Journal in years to come, you will find not only a record of your experiences, but you will find a clear path showing the direction of your growth. With consistent work, you can use this path for navigating through your life, rather than simply looking back and reflecting on it.

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