A Series of Exercises ...

We do not necessarily know inherently how to communicate with our inner selves. If we were born with that capability – and most likely we were – most of us have long forgotten how. We communicate almost entirely in the language of the aural and visual world.

By the time we are able to read these words, we need to train ourselves in listening again to that “still, small voice” inside. And we have learn again to trust that what we hear is no illusion or manifestation of an unbalanced mind.

We also must train ourselves to be more positive. This is important, not because by opening ourselves to this experience, we will open ourselves to unseen demonic forces (as some would have us believe). Being positive is important because a positive approach to listening inside and seeking our own Wisdom attracts that which is higher and more positive within us.

Consider this:

Many people say that we “create our own reality.” In a very real sense we do. We proactively create our experience out of our interpretation of events. In other words, we experience what we believe we will experience. Put yet another way, we experience what we intend to experience.

Our intent is crucial to our experience of life, because it is our intent that both guides and interprets life experiences to us. And in a way, we reach out into the world and bring back to our lives the events we believe we will experience.

Imagine that, rather than a single, predetermined line of events occurring to us each day, that we are virtually swimming in a river of possible experiences. We could choose to go to work or not, to go to a movie or not, to visit family or friends instead.

Each of these requires a choice, and of course, most choices have consequences. But the fact that there are consequences (negative or positive) does not preclude the experience from actually occurring

We go to work because we choose to, because we intend to. We reach out into the day and do with it whatever we wish. And, of course, it is most helpful to do so in a positive and affirming manner. As we all know, the mood and state of mind we are in affects how we experience the day.

Try the following exercises with these thoughts in mind. Be as positive and open as you can be. Something may happen quickly for you, but it is also possible that nothing at all will happen for a while, or that you will get frustrated by what you think is too-slow progress. Don’t give up! You are on a journey, not reaching a goal.

Also, do not get in a hurry and rush through these exercises. If they work for you quickly, then, by all means, move ahead. But they are designed to move you step-by-step into greater awareness. There is no need to hurry yourself. It’s the journey, not the finish...

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