Establishing Communication

At this point we need to take a short side-trip. The goal of the following exercises is to develop an effective, on-going dialog with your inner self. This brings up two points: “What is the ‘Inner Self’?” and “How does the dialog work?”

The Inner Self

It is said that our consciousness is like the small tip of an iceberg. What one sees is not all there is – the greater substance lies beneath the surface. It is to that deeper, more massive consciousness that we wish to establish a meaningful and ongoing link.

This internal consciousness is what we are here personifying and calling the Inner Self. In reality, there is an already established dialog being carried on between this Inner Self and your normal consciousness all the time. Most often, we are unaware of it because it is a 'still small voice' calling out amid the thunderstorm of other thoughts and reflections.

Picture: Journal detailThe fact that we do not readily 'hear' this voice does not mean it does not exist. It means only that we are not listening with the intent and trust needed to cultivate a stronger dialog.

We will explore what is meant by the terms 'hear' and 'voice' a bit further along. For now, set these concerns aside and follow the exercises as they build toward a more complete answer – one that you will discover for yourself.

The Nature of the Dialog

As mentioned, the dialog continues constantly, but at a very subtle level. Practicing the following exercises changes the subtlety of that relationship and strengthens it.

In this method, we will employ a 'question and answer' format in the beginning. You will pose questions, and your Inner Self will respond.

A critical issue relates to how you ask questions:

  • Questions must not be ambiguous.
  • Seek guidance, not answers
  • Seek clarity, not to set traps

Each of the following exercises will point out the best way to pose questions for that exercise. When you get answers that seem unrelated to the question or are confusing, review the question.

Again, you are encouraged to follow the exercises as they are presented and not to jump ahead. Of course, if you must, buttons are provided for the impatient.

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