November 29, 1997
Friday, 5:10 pm

In this page, you can see the use of elements presented in the Inner Dialog section:
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Responses are bulleted and indented, as they are in my Journal. Notice that the humor I sensed also is noted.

It seems odd to me. I have had so many dreams about Tornados that I have named them the “Tornado Series.” I have written them down, analyzed some, but I still do not know what they are about: why the tornado? what is it a symbol of?

Also peculiar to me is why I have not done any serious Journal work on the issue. From time to time, I do know of something I should do work on, but for some reason unknown, I just don’t. It feels like avoiding, but I don’t really know what I would be avoiding.

There is a sense that it is so important that Journal work would not be successful, or that I would not like or be able to use the result. But, is that any reason for avoiding??


But I will deal with it now. Time to begin:

Can you help me with the issue of the Tornado series?

  • Yes, in general terms.
  • The concept, the image of the tornado itself is evolving. Basically, it is motion, power, direction – force. The tornado is pent-up energy, sometimes misdirected and threatening, sometimes almost smooth and gentle.
  • It moves of its own volition, not directed by anyone – not even you. It is indifferent. It simply is in motion.
  • Some dream of mountains. You dream of tornados.
  • Tornados generally carry a sense of dangerous power. Even though creative, eventually, they must destroy something first. Creativity comes in the aftermath.
  • Mountains, on the other hand, are symbols of strength and power, but they do not destroy in order to be or even create.

Why tornados? Why does my dreaming self express itself through tornado dreams?

  • What you are asking, really, has to do with how to interpret your tornado dreams. Believe me when I say to you that the tornado itself brings you no consistent message. Each dream is different – carries its own unique message and symbols. The tornado, in that regard, may have many meanings in many dreams.
  • You are troubled by not being able to understand or explain what the tornado means. I tell you, it does not have any single interpretation.
  • It may be lightning, volcano, flood instead; or it might as easily be a soft light, mountain or brook. Each are symbols, mutable symbols between dreams.

During the first part of the series, the most intense grouping, if you will, I experienced the most tumultuous period of my career. As I looked back a year later, I recall that I understood: tumultuous dreams, tumultuous life. Was there a connection?

  • Of course. However, it is not exactly a connection in the way you mean.
  • Your tornados are not “warnings.” They are expressions. In a chaotic time, you experience chaotic dreams: tornados may become more violent or unpredictable.
  • And yet, as you recall, there was a very powerful, supportive dream during this time, which took you directly to a highly symbolic, extremely meaningful vision of support. You were delivered by the tornado.
  • Stop thinking of them as a series, and you will be better able to understand what they mean. (98%)


  • Again, I suggest to you that you must interpret each dream “on its own merits,” as you say.

Now, I’m getting a sense of the tornado as a dream-entity. A recurring symbol ... not symbol, but almost a living “expression.”

  • You are getting there. It is on its own. Period. It’s expression is part of the symbolism.
  • Think of any other possible symbol: a policeman, rabbi, animal. It exists in your dream world - your dream universe. It may be supportive or threatening, and its meaning changes. A policeman is not always a jailer or symbol of authority. (Even) in your waking world.


It is difficult for me to think that a tornado lives in my dream world. In “ordinary reality” tornados are created by weather events and live short lives. They don't persist.

  • The dream universe is very different. Objects, forces, “people” do persist. This may be a difficult concept for you, but it is true. (95%)
  • This is why (also) you are now being drawn to dreamwork – although you are “avoiding” it! (with humor)
  • Your desire to know and understand is drawing you to an important, undiscovered (by you) area – or at least, “unexplored fully.” (98%)
  • It may be very wise for you to rearrange your current priorities and focus more of your energies here.

At that point the session went into some very personal issues.

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