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Much of this work has been produced using the Internal Dialogue process. Over the course of the weeks and months of development, I have learned new things and relearned many things that I had forgotten.

I always seem to be returning to the beginning. Personal growth is never like straight-line dancing.

I trust you have found this information of some use. Though you may have explored this site fully, I hope you will return periodically to refresh your memory or build upon your experiences. The learning never is finished!

Remember that if you would like additional assistance, I am also available to coach you in your Journal work. Or please just drop me a line.

I greatly appreciate hearing from everyone who has contacted me over the years!

My appreciation to supporters, especially my patient family, and to those who have contributed to the elements and content of these pages. No copyright infringements are intended, and I believe I have provided credit where needed.

Now, take up your Journal.
It is time to begin again ....

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