You Talk to Yourself ...

... and not just you. Everyone does! This is nothing new. For decades now, psychologists, analysts, self-help gurus and many others have used self-talk as a means to help people gain control of their lives.

What you say to yourself does, in fact, affect you.

But what if you tune in to that so-called “self-talk” in a new way? What if the aspect of self-talk everyone is using so effectively actually is noise, blocking the way to an even deeper connection with your real inner wisdom?

Now, there's a thought.

Consider your thoughts to be like radio signals. By adjusting the frequency, you can tune some signals in and others out. People do this every day, don't they? Some things you “tune into,” others you “tune out.”

Try this exercise:

Sit in a calm, quiet place -- perhaps where you meditate, or a place where you will not be disturbed for a while.

Calm your mind by bringing your attention to your breath as you inhale and exhale deeply and rhythmically. Once you feel comfortable and more relaxed, open your mind to those images, thoughts and sounds around you ... whatever enters your mind. Let them come to you. Don't push them away.

Now, think of these sounds, images, thoughts or whatever as “sense data,” like signals from some faraway radio station. See if you can sense areas of quiet between these station signals. Once you get a sense of these “unused wavelengths” tune your attention to the spaces between – these gaps between the noisy stations.


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